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Meet the man behind the food!

The Cajun Connoisseur (Kyle C. Kelly) is a product of Chicago South Side’s Englewood community. It was here, at the tender age of 4 where his love for cooking was ignited right in his mother’s kitchen. Under his mother’s tutelage, Kyle learned her famous family recipes as well as creating his own. Given his meticulous nature and quest for precision in the kitchen, Kyle perfected these dishes and was affectionately dubbed as the ‘best cook in the Kelly family and in his west Englewood neighborhood’.


Kyle’s most popular dish that he’s infamously known for preparing for the holiday season is his signature seafood gumbo. Unlike traditional seafood gumbo which usually includes chicken, Kyle personalized this dish by including of six types of seafood including lobster, shrimp, de-shelled crab, crawfish, salmon and tilapia with various choices of sausages to meet all taste preferences. When the festivities were over, four 5 gallon pots of seafood goodness would be depleted and all who indulged would be satisfied. With the support, love and encouragement from his family and friends, Kyle made the decision to maximize his God given talent and The Cajun Connoisseur was born.


We at The Cajun Connoisseur are dedicated to providing top quality Cajun inspired cuisine with stellar customer service. We encourage all of our family, friends and customers (current and new) to drop by for spell and check us out.  Allow The Cajun Connoisseur to take you on a journey from the Midwest to the Bayou by tickling your taste buds with a Cajun Kick.



Hope to see ya real soon!

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